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Vaccination against influenza

Influenza is a highly contagious viral disease with the potential for severe complications and risk of death. Influenza has symptoms similar to other acute respiratory viral infections (ARI) but is much less safe. Therefore, the first symptoms of ARVI require special attention. Influenza virus is dangerous, but not all-powerful. You can easily avoid contracting the flu even during an epidemic if you follow a few simple things: avoid crowds, use disposable masks to protect yourself and others, ventilate the room regularly and do wet cleaning, wash your hands regularly, use only disposable paper napkins and towels both after washing your hands and to cover your face when coughing and running a nose.

Annual vaccination is the most effective way to protect the body against influenza viruses. The vaccine protects against all current flu strains and is safe and effective. The vaccine strengthens immunity and makes you work more actively and more productively. In the case of timely immunization, the probability of severe disease and complications of influenza is reduced by 60%, the number of deaths is reduced by 80%, and the frequency of hospitalization is reduced by about half.

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