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Sector of social protection and support of victims and their family members


The sector of social protection and support of victims and their family members is a structural unit of the State Institution "Territorial Medical Association of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkiv Region", which organizes and carries out the activities of the institution on the provision of social benefits, processing of materials for the appointment of pensions to persons who have acquired the right to pensions following the Law of Ukraine of 09.04.1992 № 2262-XII "On Pension Provision for Persons Discharged from Military Service and Some Other Persons", conducting its p

       Main tasks of the sector:

Keeping records of pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, veterans of internal affairs bodies, veterans of military service; needs of affected persons and their families based on territoriality.
Acceptance of applications and documents giving the right to receive:
   - a combatant's certificate, badges "War Veteran - Combatant";

   - financial support for family members;

   - one-time financial assistance in case of death;

   - one-time financial assistance to victims in case of disability or degree of disability;

   - forms of coupons for the right to receive travel documents (tickets) with a 50 percent discount on their cost and for reimbursement of expenses to veterans of internal affairs bodies related to travel for treatment and recreation in medical rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums, and rest homes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine; 

   - certificates of "Veteran of Internal Affairs", "Veteran of Military Service" and badges following the law, certificates of entitlement to benefits for family members;

Providing the authorized structural unit of the MIA with materials on the appointment (recalculation) of pensions to pensioners of the MIA of Ukraine, persons entitled to receive a survivor's pension, documents that are the basis for receiving benefits, certificates, issuing certificates of financial support, etc.
Preparation of documents for the Social Protection Fund for the Disabled to pay compensation for unused vouchers to disabled veterans.
Work with the victims and their families with the involvement of local social services to assist.


Contact details:

Opening hours: Mon - Fri from 8.00 to 17.00
address: Kharkiv, 8/10 Hirshmana St., zip code 61002
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: (099) 238-04-86

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