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       The hospital of the State Institution "Territorial Medical Association of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkiv region" (hereinafter - the hospital of the TMA) is a structural healthcare institution that does not have the status of a legal entity, which provides specialized inpatient medical care to the contingent entitled to medical care in health care institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

      The head of the hospital is doctor Mykhailova Maryna Oleksandrivna. Phone: (057) 732-39-49

       The hospital has three departments with a total of 105 beds:

  • Therapeutic (51 beds).  The department treats patients with diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, and urinary systems.

      The head of the department is doctor Stadnyk Oksana Ivanivna.

  • Surgical (28 beds). The department treats patients with acute surgical pathology, traumatological lesions (combat injuries and wounds), diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, vascular diseases, and diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.  Operations are performed for hemorrhoids, varicose veins, benign tumors, and purulent skin lesions, including laparoscopic (cholecystectomy, hernioplasty, appendectomy).

       The head of the department is doctor Prasol Valeryi Oleksiyovych.

  • Neurology Department (26 beds). The department treats patients with acute and chronic cerebrovascular diseases, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, consequences of traumatic brain injuries, exacerbations of vertebrogenic pathology, and other diseases of the nervous system.

        The head of the department is doctor Safonova Natalia Mykhailivna.


The following studies are carried out in the hospital of the State Medical University on modern equipment:

  • Clinical and biochemical laboratory tests.
  • Fluoroscopy and radiography of the chest, abdominal cavity, genitourinary system, musculoskeletal system, etc.
  • Fibrogastroduodenoscopy, rectoromanoscopy.
  • Ultrasound examination of internal organs, heart, main and peripheral vessels, etc.
  • Electrocardiography, daily monitoring of ECG and blood pressure.
  • Electro-encephalography.
  • Rheoencephalography.

       Through their professional, business, and human qualities, the hospital staff can solve the problems of medical care of the attached content following modern requirements and standards of medical care established by law.

Contact details:

address: Kharkiv, Gagarina Ave. 19, zip code 61001 
Telephone numbers:
- reception: (057) 732-39-39
- Head of the hospital: (057) 732-39-49

Department services

Operative treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities

(service code 3800154)

2470 UAH

Operative treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissure

(service code 3831379)

1086 UAH

Operative treatment of acute appendicitis

(service code 3800427)

1495 UAH

Operative treatment of ventral hernia

(service code 3831380)

2699 UAH

Operative treatment of abdominal wall hernia (inguinal, umbilical)

(service code 3831381)

1435 UAH

Operative treatment of hernia of the abdominal wall (inguinal, umbilical) is complicated

(service code 3831390)

2612 UAH

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

(service code 3800789)

2981 UAH

Amputation is small

(service code 3831391)

1259 UAH

Average amputation

(service code 3831392)

1760 UAH

Large amputation

(service code 3831393)

2309 UAH

Laparoscopic appendectomy

(service code 3831382)

2045 UAH

Laparoscopic hernioplasty

(service code 3831383)

2882 UAH

Operative treatment of skin abscess, carbuncle, coccyx pilonidal cyst with abscess

(service code 3804343)

363 UAH

Operative treatment of varicocele

(service code 3802457)

886 UAH

Surgical treatment of an ingrown nail

(service code 3804344)

469 UAH

Operative treatment of skin neoplasms

(service code 3831384)

355 UAH

Operative treatment of pilonidal cyst of the coccyx

(service code 3831385)

1060 UAH

Operative treatment of paraproctitis

(service code 3804347)

801 UAH

Puncture of the pleural cavity

(service code 3831386)

354 UAH

Operative treatment of panaritium

(service code 3804349)

352 UAH

Intravenous drip injection (without taking into account the cost of medicines)

(service code 3801520)

79 UAH

Intramuscular injection (without taking into account the cost of medicines)

(service code 3801522)

34 UAH

Intravenous injection (without taking into account the cost of medicines)

(service code 3802013)

70 UAH

Dressing of postoperative patients of a surgical profile (large)

(service code 3801904)

214 UAH

Dressing of postoperative patients with a surgical profile (small)

(service code 3801905)

125 UAH

Dressing of postoperative patients of a surgical profile (average)

(service code 3801906)

169 UAH

Stay in a hospital ward (1 day)

(service code 3801024)

307 UAH

Dietary nutrition services (1 day)

(service code 3801082)

314 UAH

Catheterization of a peripheral vein

(service code 3804335)

85 UAH

Bladder catheterization

(service code 3802031)

175 UAH

Catheterization of the subclavian vein (without taking into account the cost of medicines)

(service code 3831387)

397 UAH

Cleansing enema

(service code 3801733)

169 UAH

Measurement of saturation

(service code 3804337)


Puncture of the abdominal cavity (laparocentesis)

(service code 3831388)

435 UAH

Placement of a Foley catheter

(service code 3831394)

240 UAH

Oxygen support (not including the cost of an oxygen mask with a tube) (1 hour)

(service code 3831389)

65 UAH

Anesthesia is local

(service code 3831395)

153 UAH

Spinal anesthesia

(service code 3801560)

1707 UAH

Intravenous anesthesia

(service code 3801550)

676 UAH

Epidural anesthesia

(service code 3801551)

2665 UAH

General anesthesia

(service code 3801554)

3939 UAH

Package "For hospitalization"

(service code 3831396)

728 UAH

Internship of intern doctors

(service code 9901124)

5298 UAH

Internship of intern doctors (curator doctor - Doctor of Medical Sciences)

(service code 9901125)

5510 UAH

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