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       The laboratory is a structural subdivision of the State Institution "Territorial Medical Association of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkiv region" (hereinafter - the laboratory of the TMA), which takes an active part in the medical and diagnostic work of the institution, aimed at quality and timely examination of the attached contingent.

       The Head of the Laboratory of the Department is Doctor Karpishen Liudmyla Mykolaivna.

       List of laboratory tests:

  • Hematological: complete blood count with leukocyte count, platelet count, reticulocyte count, determination of blood clotting time, and malaria plasmodium test.
  • Biochemical: total protein, protein fractions, bilirubin, and its fractions, alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (ACT), alkaline phosphatase, gamma-glutamate transaminase (GGT), alpha-amylase, thymol test, total cholesterol, lipogram, β-lipoproteins, uric acid, blood glucose, prothrombin index, APTT, fibrinogen, INR, electrolytes (potassium, sodium, calcium).
  • General clinical examination of urine: general analysis (with sediment microscopy), Nechiporenko analysis, Zemnitsky analysis, diastase, bile pigments, ketone bodies, glucose, and protein.
  • Fecal examination: coprogram, fecal analysis for helminth eggs and protozoan cysts, scraping for pinworm eggs (enterobiasis), and hidden blood.
  • Immunological: determination of blood groups and Rh factor; express diagnostics of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, express diagnostics of syphilis, troponin I (cito test), rheumatoid factor, antistreptolysin - O (ASLO), C-reactive protein.

Contact details:

working hours: Mon - Fri from 8.00 to 18.00
hours of biomaterial collection: Mon - Fri from 8.00 to 10.00 
address: Kharkiv, Gagarina Ave. 19, zip code 61001 
phone: reception (096) 335-13-42.

Department services

Taking blood from a finger

(service code 3607340)

40 UAH

Taking blood from a vein

(service code 3602335)

43 UAH

General blood test (3 indicators: HB, leukocytes, ESR)

(service code 3610385)

66 UAH

General blood test (5 indicators: HB, erythrocytes, leukocytes, leukocyte formula, ESR)

(service code 3610386)

120 UAH

Reticulocyte count

(service code 3608407)

70 UAH

Determination of hemoglobin

(service code 3610387)

23 UAH

Leukocyte count

(service code 3610388)

46 UAH

Calculation of leukocyte formula

(service code 3609036)

57 UAH

Definition of ESR

(service code 3600192)

28 UAH

Platelet count

(service code 3609037)

105 UAH

Erythrocyte count

(service code 3610389)

34 UAH

Determination of bleeding time

(service code 3610390)

38 UAH

Determination of total serum protein

(service code 3602219)

46 UAH

Determination of direct bilirubin in blood serum

(service code 3610391)

59 UAH

Determination of creatinine in blood serum

(service code 3610392)

46 UAH

Determination of glucose in capillary blood

(service code 3602072)

29 UAH

Determination of glucose in blood serum

(service code 3600290)

46 UAH

Determination of fibrinogen in blood plasma

(service code 3602246)

70 UAH

Determination of blood group and Rhesus belongingness in venous blood

(service code 3607348)

97 UAH

Serodiagnosis of syphilis

(service code 3608572)

53 UAH

Determination of prothrombin index and international normalized ratio in blood plasma

(service code 3610393)

92 UAH

Determination of alanine aminotransferase (AlAT) activity

(service code 3610394)

51 UAH

Determination of aspartate aminotransferase (AST) activity

(service code 3610395)

51 UAH

Determination of gamma-glutamyltransferase activity in blood serum

(service code 3600213)

51 UAH

General analysis of urine

(service code 3600814)

75 UAH

Detection of ketone bodies in urine (express test)

(service code 3610396)

14 UAH

Detection of glucose in urine (express test)

(service code 3602261)

15 UAH

Determination of the amount of glucose in urine

(service code 3610397)

30 UAH

Microscopic examination of urine sediment by the Nechiporenko method

(service code 3604588)

80 UAH

Analysis of secretions from the genitourinary organs of a woman or a man

(service code 3610416)

70 UAH

Detection of helminth eggs (native smear method)

(service code 3602275)

82 UAH

Thymol test

(service code 3601804)

18 UAH

Determination of uric acid in blood serum

(service code 3607357)

52 UAH

Determination of calcium in blood serum

(service code 3600346)

30 UAH

Determination of potassium in blood serum

(service code 3609038)

84 UAH

Determination of iron in blood serum

(service code 3600327)

44 UAH

Determination of antistreptolysin-O activity in blood serum (ASL-O)

(service code 3610399)

33 UAH

Determination of alpha-amylase in blood serum

(service code 3610400)

68 UAH

Determination of beta-lipoproteins in blood serum

(service code 3601947)

29 UAH

Determination of triglycerides in blood serum

(service code 3602243)

45 UAH

Determination of alkaline phosphatase activity in blood serum

(service code 3600220)

48 UAH

Determination of active partial thromboplastin time (APT)

(service code 3610401)

65 UAH

Urine analysis for Bence-Jones protein

(service code 3610417)

68 UAH

Determination of total cholesterol in blood serum

(service code 3610418)

46 UAH

Blood analysis for the lipid spectrum

(service code 3610419)

138 UAH

Determination of total bilirubin in blood serum

(service code 3600312)

49 UAH

Blood analysis for siroglycoides

(service code 3610420)

65 UAH

Blood analysis for troponin I

(service code 3610421)

108 UAH

Determination of the antigen to the COVID-19 coronavirus (quick test)

(service code 3610422)

299 UAH

Blood test for hepatitis B virus antigen determination (quick test)

(service code 3610423)

94 UAH

Blood test for hepatitis C virus antigen determination (quick test)

(service code 3610424)

94 UAH

Blood test to determine total antibodies to Helicobacter pylori (quick test)

(service code 3610425)

170 UAH

Determination of urea in blood serum

(service code 3607356)

38 UAH

Determination of sodium in blood serum

(service code 3609041)

123 UAH

Determination of the amount of urine, its color, transparency, sediment microscopy, relative gravity, reaction (pH)

(service code 3610402)

36 UAH

Simultaneous determination of 10 types of narcotic substances in urine (express test)

(service code 3610426)

340 UAH

Determination of C-reactive protein in blood serum (C-RB)

(service code 3610403)

20 UAH

Rheumatoid factor reaction (latex test)

(service code 3601357)

20 UAH

Determination of protein fractions (express method)

(service code 3600258)

99 UAH

"Rheumoproby" package

(service code 3610449)

284 UAH

"Hemostasis" package

(service code 3610450)

271 UAH

"Kidney Function" Package

(service code 3610451)

534 UAH

Liver Function Package

(service code 3610452)

512 UAH

Package "Anemia"

(service code 3610453)

276 UAH

Package "Diagnostics of carbohydrate metabolism"

(service code 3610454)

343 UAH

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